Transferring Webroot to Another Computer

How to Transfer Webroot from an Old Computer to a New Laptop?

Webroot Spy Sweeper is an anti-spyware application used to recognize spyware, adware and malware on your PC. Spy Sweeper sells the application as a yearly membership, which you can purchase as long as three years on end. In the event that you choose to move up to another PC inside that period, you can without much of a stretch transfer your Webroot Spy Sweeper membership to the PC by mentioning another download.

Step 1

Visit the Webroot Reinstall Request form on the Webroot site.

Step 2

Choose your product from the drop-down menu. Enter your last name & email address. Place a check in the box labeled “I need Webroot to email my keycode.” Click “Get Updates.”

Sign in to your email on the new workstation. The email sent to you will contain a connection to download the Webroot Spy Sweeper application. Adhere to the guidelines contained inside the email to download the application installer and reinstall Webroot Spy Sweeper with your existing programming permit.

Install Webroot On New Computer

  1. First of all, visit on the link
  2. What’s more, on this page the download record is as of now there and it will be downloaded automatically in the event that you have a google chrome program . In the event that you are utilizing web adventurer (blue E) at that point an it will demonstrate to you a choice to spare in the bottom. You have to tap on spare.
  3. Now it will demonstrate to you another alternative to run you simply need to tap on run.If you don’t discover the download document , then you simply need to press ctrl+j in the meantime so as to open your download.
  4. In the event that you effectively run the download document, at that point it will demonstrate to you a crate , where you can put your keycode.( Keycode is a 20 digit alphanumeric set which is on the back of your card)
  5. Press agree and install
  6. At last Now your PC will provoke and you have to tap on “yes”.
  7. To install webroot on new PC , Webroot Software licenses are transferrable to another PC, as long as your membership is as yet dynamic.

To transfer your software, follow these steps:

Find your keycode and record it. The keycode is a string of 20 alphanumeric characters. It is one of a kind and holds the data with respect to your membership. Your keycode was sent to you in an email from Webroot (on the off chance that you obtained the item on the web) or is imprinted on a bundle embed or the CD sleeve (in the event that you acquired the item from a store). In the event that you right now have a Webroot SecureAnywhere introduced on your PC, you can likewise see the keycode from the fundamental interface by opening Webroot and clicking My Account.


Webroot is a well-famous name in the realm of online security and arrangements providers. It offers a lot of antivirus and security programming to help the purchasers, similarly as organizations, manage online dangers, for example, diseases, malware, spyware, Trojan Horses, Ransomware, and furthermore the programmers. These diseases can hurt your gadget and degenerate the entire information accessible on it. They can likewise take your privileged information, which may further provoke the deficiency of your merited cash. To stay away from this circumstance and to avoid the contaminations, there should consistently be security programming presented and enacted on the gadget .

With regards to giving the total assurance of your framework, information, programming, and applications, it’s not possible for anyone to beat Webroot security arrangements. The Webroot SecureAnywhere is alluded to for passing on the purchasers similarly as a business an extra layer of safety that can guarantee that their information, programming, and applications are guaranteed. Webroot antivirus can likewise be presented on various gadgets. You ought to just pick the advantage antivirus, for which you can get course from the Webroot customer care bunch.

What’s more, if, you have acquired another gadget, Webroot security programming can be proceeded onward that besides. To get this rolling, adhere to the beneath referred to rules:


  1. The keycode is generally a string of 20 characters, which are a blend of numbers and letter sets
  2. To discover, you can either peruse out the email you have gotten at the hour of acquirement (if an instance of on the web) or the back of the CD or the pack got with your disconnected purchase
  3. If you have the Webroot SecureAnywhere as of now presented on some other PC framework, you can recuperate the license keycode starting there also. To get the equivalent, adhere to these rules:

Open the Webroot thing

Visit My Account tab

Get the Webroot Keycode starting there

3. Uninstall the as of late presented Webroot in both the cases:

*On the off chance that your Webroot grant is for one PC

*On the off chance that your Webroot grant is for various PCs yet you have as of now surpass the mark of control of acquainting it with the gadgets

4. To uninstall the Webroot, seek after the step by step framework

*Open the Windows menu

*Go to the Control Panel

*Open All Programs or Programs and Features

*Discover the Webroot thing and right-click on

*Select uninstall

*Hold up till the methodology finishes

5. At the point when the un-establishment finishes, move to another PC framework

6. Visit Webroot official website

7. Login to your record by giving the selected email ID and mystery key

8. My solicitation area, you can discover your Webroot thing

9. Download and present the Webroot SecureAnywhere by following the right advances

10. At the point when these two methods finish, go for the Webroot thing initiation

11. While enacting, you will require the keycode

12. Give the equivalent in the right field and snap Activate

13. Webroot SecureAnywhere will start guaranteeing the new gadget also