Install Vipre On Second Computer

In unprotected internet perusing, the PC leaves hints of breadcrumbs highlighting action. By and large this isn’t an issue, yet it can open you to numerous dangers and dangers on the web. Without compelling antivirus insurance and VPN, malevolent sources could be presented to malware, spyware, ransom ware and different dangers on the off chance that they attempt to get data from you. So introduce Vipre antivirus today. Antivirus bundles take the Ultimate Security Bundle above and beyond and give VPN and antivirus insurance to full assurance during internet perusing.

Accessible on the two Windows and Mac, the Vipre Antivirus Ultimate Security Bundle gives all you require to remain secure on the web. A main antivirus security bundle that gives clients location and expulsion of malware, spyware and ransom ware. That is, it recognizes attacking dangers and securely eliminates them before they cause harm. The product exploits continuous checking, with programmed updates and cloud-empowered highlights to guard your applications and records consistently. This implies you get the quickest insurance conceivable.

In our current reality where even Macs are in danger of being presented to malware and different types of infections, there is no motivation not to introduce antivirus assurance. Vipre Antivirus works effectively of protecting clients and gadgets. Continuously.

However, it goes beyond antivirus protection. The price includes an unlimited VPN that works on all devices and encrypts web traffic. Not sure how a VPN can help? Check out our look what is VPN — simply put, it helps maintain anonymity during online browsing, especially if you regularly use public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Windows users can also benefit from additional features that keep them safe. This includes anti-spam protection against phishing and other email abuse, firewalls to prevent unauthorized network connections, webcams and microphone blockers, and browser cleaners that erase your browser records whenever you need them. We also have a dark web scanner that monitors your account for potential theft and fraud, so you always have the latest information.


To make your deal even more lenient, Vipre Antivirus also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk of trying it out. It shows how confident the company is in its products, and free support based in the United States makes things even more attractive.

System Requirement for the Installation of Vipre Antivirus

  • Minimum 1 GB of RAM.
  • Must have free space up to 1 GB.
  • Window Version Required: 7,8,10 etc. [32 Bit or 64 Bit].
  • Working Internet Connection for service updates.

Cyber security is now a huge industry. As people continue to use the Internet at rates never seen before, the need to develop quality security solutions that protect them from malicious attacks has never been bigger.

Over the years, some cyber security companies have dominated the industry. Companies like McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky, and others have become household names in the antivirus space.

However, VIPRE Security, a Florida-based firm with a strong history of producing top of the line cyber security solutions is making a name for itself and going to outperform these big-name players. Our post today is going to look at how to install VIPRE Security on Mac OS.

We do this because we believe that even though this antivirus doesn’t have massive name recognition, it’s the best security solution you can choose for your Mac and other devices.

You will understand why later in this post but first, let’s look at the installation procedure.

Installing VIPRE Security on Your Mac

As we’ve noted above, the core part of this post is how to install VIPRE Security on Mac OS.

For this reason, we have listed a few steps below for you to follow:

  • Go to the Official VIPRE site and download the installer to your Mac.
  • When the installer has finished downloading, double click it.
  • An installation screen appears. Hit continue.
  • On the next step, you will see the License screen where the End User Agreement will be detailed.
  • If you agree with the terms click “I Agree” and move to the next step.
  • The installer will now prompt you to select the drive or storage space where you intend to install the software.
  • Select the destination folder and hit the INSTALL button.
  • Go to “Install Software”               
  • The process will take a few second and when it’s done, you will get a notification telling you “The installation was successful”

Duet turns your iPad into a second computer display

Real estate can be a wise investment — screen real estate, in particular. Two or more displays means less time switching between apps and resizing windows, and more time being productive. My desktop setup includes two 30″ monitors, plus a third 21″ monitor in portrait mode.

So when I’m traveling with my laptop, working on even its relatively generous 15″ screen feels like I’ve been taken to Willy Wonk’s television room and hopelessly shrunken to an unacceptable size. I keep yearning for that second monitor to temporarily place a document so I don’t have to endlessly shuffle things around.

I was an early adopter of the Air Display app, which used to require a Wi-Fi connection (recent updates allow a USB connection). The latency and display quirks consigned it to the list of my orphaned apps.

So when my colleague Robert Puff alerted me to Duet Display, a new app developed by engineers who used to work at Apple, I decided to give the concept another try. Duet promises a lag-free connection to your Mac or PC via your iPad’s 30-pin or Lightning cable and USB.

I bought the $16 app from the iTunes store and downloaded the free desktop companion app from the developer’s site (all Macs running 10.9+ or PCs running Windows 7+ are supported). From there, it’s just a matter of opening the Duet app on the computer to install a graphics driver, restart, and connect the two devices.

You’ll want to uncheck Mirror Displays in the Displays section of System Preferences, and arrange the screens to your liking.

Duet installs itself as a menu bar icon on your desktop, and you have various options to set the resolution and frame rate, which have energy implications you may wish to consider if you’re low on battery power. For my purposes, the regular resolution at 30 fps worked just fine.

An extra bonus, as I demonstrate in the video below, is that you can use the touch feature of your iPad to control the mouse pointer. To be clear, it’s still not the same as running an app with native touchscreen support — the app is, after all, still actually running on the Mac — but I must admit it was fun to see Sibelius displayed on an iPad and simply touching the screen to move around.