How to stop Windows 11 from reopening program windows on restart or sign-in

Windows 11 might recollect which application windows and File Explorer windows you had open the last chance to reopen them again. The program or Microsoft Excel record, which was open the last time, might be opened automatically on the following beginning. The element was introduced in Windows 10 and Microsoft kept it in its new operating framework.

While the reopening of program windows can be convenient on occasion, it can at times be a frustrating encounter too. Convenient, on the grounds that you don’t need to send off programs physically, given that the reopened programs will be utilized in the dynamic meeting also.

Frustrating, in light of the fact that program windows might be opened, which you don’t need. There may likewise be a postpone between the launching of recently opened applications and the genuine loading of them.


Step by step instructions to stop Windows 11 from reopening applications

The main preference that Windows 11 uses to determine whether to reopen programs is found in the Settings.

  1. Select Start and afterward Settings from the beginning Menu. You may likewise involve the console easy route Windows-I for fast Settings access.
  2. Go to Accounts.
  3. Select Sign-In choices.
  4. Look down to the “Extra Settings” segment on the page that opens.
  5. Toggle the preference “Automatically save my restartable applications and restart them when I sign back in” so it peruses Off.

The change produces results right away. You might fix the change by repeating the means above. The preference ought to have the On status all things considered in the end.

The depiction uncovers that main some applications and programs will be restarted when the component is empowered. Outsider applications need to register as “restartable applications” to be included in the reopening when the element is empowered.

Note: Applications designed to run at framework start will in any case do as such. Utilize the console alternate route Ctrl-Shift-Esc to open the Windows Task Manager. Select “more subtleties” assuming you have the essential window, and change to Startup. Windows 11 lists the main startup applications there. Right-click on any and select Disable to impede the program from starting with Windows 11.

The most effective method to stop Windows 11 from reopening File Explorer organizers

Windows 11 may likewise reopen organizers of the default document administrator on the following beginning of the framework; this component is controlled somewhere else.

This is the way you switch it off:

  1. Open File Explorer on the Windows 11 gadget.
  2. Select the “three specks” in the header and in the menu that opens Options.
  3. Change to the View tab in the new window that opens.
  4. Look down until you find the preference “Restore past organizer windows at sign on”.
  5. Eliminate the mark from the preference to switch the component off.

Windows 11 will not reload File Explorer windows any longer from that second on. You might fix the change out of the blue by checking the preference again.

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