Activate Quick Heal Antivirus Pro

How to Activate Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick heal antivirus is a basic lightweight, yet incredible security suite for your PC and PC. As an unregistered part Quick Heal offers you to free download preliminary form for 90 days. It permits you to “Sweep” from 4 filtering modes. Full framework check, Custom Scan, Memory Scan and Boot-time examine.

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro offers you another degree of safety for both your PC and your Internet experience. This productive enemy of infection apparatus shields your framework not just from a wide range of infections and dangers, however gives you additionally safe Internet perusing and with a particular filtering measure that recognizes all potential dangers in the entirety of your outer gadgets.

Being the most youthful of a group of against infection items, Quick Heal Antivirus Pro has been explicitly intended to give you a basic yet successful “centre assurance”. This incorporates recognition of all potential dangers coming from spyware and malware programs (rootkits included), infections and other malevolent schedules that may hurt or obliterate your darling data. Additionally, this enemy of infection device offers you viable interruption counteraction and detainment abilities, utilizing IDS and IPS schedules to get your PC far from any destructive organization action.

Itemized Scan takes additional time than a typical output, it completely examines your PC for expected dangers. It is completely proficient to get your PC from infections. Web Security highlights ensure client’s PCs to impede admittance to contaminated sites and destinations that are known for facilitating malignant codes. Amazing email security highlights guarantee insurance against contaminated messages or connections.


Quick Heal Flash Drive Protection

Streak drive is a typical wellspring of spreading disease starting with one PC then onto the next. The Auto run disease is one of the regular contaminations that most PC clients are managing. It consequently filters the outer gadgets for dangers and naturally cleans them prior to getting or sending information into the blaze drives.

Quick Heal Anti-malware Key Features

  • Ensure protection against web-based threats.
  • Prevent against email threats.
  • Firewall protection.
  • Protect user
  • Flash drive protection.
  • Safe mode protection.
  • Enhanced self-protection.
  • In case of theft / Stolen, it offers you to track my laptop.
  • Powerful anti-key loggers

How to uninstall / disable Quick heal antivirus pro

On the off chance that you need to uninstall and move to other antivirus security suite, you can without much of a stretch uninstall the application by going to Control Panel and Programs Uninstall track down the Quick heal in the rundown then, at that point click on uninstall. You can find in the above screen capture Remove Quick Heal Completely currently click next. It takes few seconds to totally uninstall this from your PC. When it done it requests that you restart the PC, click restart it presently quick heal antivirus is completely taken out from your PC or PC.

  1. Built-in fastest scanning engine.
  2. Import and Export Settings.
  3. Vulnerability Scanner.
  4. Browser Sandbox.
  5. Safe Mode Protection.
  6. Flash Drive Protection.
  7. Enhanced Self-Protection.
  8. Improved Scan Engine.
  9. Keeps your system at highest speed.
  10. Stop all kinds of annoying applications.
  11. Quick Heal Remote Device Management (RDM).
  12. Tracks down and dismiss any existing malware hiding in a computer.
  13. Speedily detect and remove the all types of web based online threats.
  14. Block all types of malicious content such as spyware, adware, virus, Trojan.
  15. Verify incoming and outgoing emails for spam and dangerous attachments.
Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 2021 Features:
  1. Ransomware Protection
  2. 30 days free trial with virus database updates.
  3. Block Potential harmful websites.
  4. Flash Drive protection.
  5. Track my laptop
  6. Email security.
  7. Anti-keylogger
  8. Malware Protection
  9. Advanced DNA Scan
  10. Browser Sandbox